Career Coaching

A successful HR Executive and MBA Admissions Consultant, Tannia Schrieber has been helping both individuals and workforces optimize their career paths.  A Philadelphia native, she (as Tannia Horodeczny) attended Girls High and Masterman before pursuing a degree at Cornell University in labor relations which she used to manage both union and non-union labor forces for several years.  Next, she obtained an MBA at Wharton where she also joined the admissions team to screen applicants for the incoming class.  Upon graduation, she advised Fortune 500 companies as a Strategy and Operations Consultant at Deloitte.  Taking a break from traveling, she spent nearly a decade as an MBA admissions consultant for The MBA Exchange advising applicants applying to the top business schools in the world to help them assess their goals and define (and express) the right path to achieve them.  Finally, she also served as Executive Vice President on The Board of Pensions in Philadelphia, the 300-year-old, multi-billion dollar non-profit that administers the US Presbyterian Church’s medical, benefits, and financial programs for the ministry and their families.

She accepts a limited number of clients each year for career coaching because she cares about results.  Conversely, she only takes clients who themselves are serious enough to put the time into the exercises and thought required to put their career on the path that is best for them and their lives.

If you are serious about address a career challenge, whether advancement or overcoming organizational obstacles, then you will have not concerns sending Tannia the basic information needed to have a productive session that will serve your needs. So, if you are willing to put in the work, then to request a session to get started and evaluate your career situation, please send me an email with the following information…

  • Current resume – updated with most recent accomplishments
  • Describe your current field, company, and role…and a short paragraph on what got you to where you are (e.g. interests, motivations, situations, opportunities, etc.)
  • Describe, in a paragraph or two, your current interests an/or concerns, for example
    • Advancing in your current workplace
    • Asking for better compensation
    • Advancing in your profession
    • Changing your profession (career transition)
    • Considering advanced degree (e.g. MBA or other Masters degree)
    • Handling conflict at work
    • Discrimination or other employment issues

In return for your commitment to sending the info above, Tannia will send you a response.  You may or may not be the right fit for her career counseling program, and she may or may not have the capacity to immediately bring you on as a client, but she will at least give a professional assessment of your personal situation and would seek to work out timing to bring you on as a client should the program seem to be a fit for your career needs.

Email career counseling requests to coaching [at] careertuning . com

Thank you!