College Admissions Consulting

Tannia Schrieber earned her BS in Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) from Cornell and her MBA from The Wharton School where she represented the school at conferences, managed a discussion board, and provided “ding” analysis to help applicants understand the school’s determination.

Tannia held numerous roles in the HR, Talent Management, and Organizational Strategy functions at companies including Aramark, SafeLite, Kimble Glass, and Deloitte. She has earned and maintained her certification as Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) from SHRM. And most recently she served as Vice President of HR at The Board of Pensions.

In 2009, Tannia joined The MBA Exchange where she maintained a years-long proven track record of acceptances to the world’s top schools. Today, Tannia takes a small book of College Admissions clients that she knows she can help get into the top colleges of their choice.



If Tannia doesn’t feel she can help you then she will let you know. She won’t waste your time and just take your money. She has a passion for guiding highly motivated individuals to achieve their greatest potential.


Sometimes an applicant’s current path isn’t aligned with their goals. Tannia incorporates into the coaching process the reflection necessary to help applicants find the right shift to get on the path towards their goals or reassess their goals. The earlier you start your relationship with Tannia the greater the opportunity to start the right steps towards achieving your goals. Don’t wait until the year you are applying.


Tannia won’t let the school’s admissions be the first to tell you what’s lacking in your candidacy. She is upfront with clients, whether it’s a disconnect in your goals, lack of introspection, underdeveloped writing, poor scores, etc. You will know the flaws in your application and the right steps to address them.


Many are, quite naturally, nervous about the admissions process and entrance exams. Tannia has been through it, guided many successful through the process, and has seen many failures. Through her extensive experience she can validate your anxiety while showing how to put it to rest. She will explain what really happens in the admissions office and how imperfect people (just like her) get into top schools. You will know how you have control over your ability to reach your goals of getting into one of the school’s of your choice by putting in the right efforts.

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